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Burley Girls Fight For Victory: Burley vs. Century

Just finished up the Varsity game

There’s something about the very last home game of the season.  Maybe it’s the mass of mini-cheerleaders or possibly even seeing our Senior Lady Cats play home court for one last symbolic time.  Some fans have seen these girls grow up with a basketball by their side and it’s pretty unbelievable to realize that we might not see some of them anymore.  Senior Night is just one of those times that we see every year and one that young athletes expect when their time finally comes.  Proud parents walk their daughters through balloon arches and an aisle formed by cheerleadersas they take photos and are awarded their basket filled with memorabilia.  This year we had five senior girls! All of whom we’ll miss on our court.  Cheri Preston, Brandee Potts, Yliana Daniel, Teresa Wayment, and Shawna Pace were all taken through the arches tonight.  Good job and good luck ladies!

Tonight JV girls slammed the Lady Diamondbacks from start to finish.  Truly a great example of Burley’s future teams.  Small but powerhouse players played their game with energy that only those girls could crank out.  The girls came in explosively with a score of 16-2 at the end of the first quarter alone.  Their fire kept burning on throughout the game and they left the court at the half with a score of 24-10.  For the second half the girls managed to keep ahold on Century while still scoring points.  They capped off the game with a lead of 30 points and the final score of 46 – 16.

Varsity girls came in with their starting seniors and fought for their last home game of the season.  While working on the game the Diamondbacks managed to wriggle and press their way out of our grasp with a lead on Burley of 20 points at the half (10-30).  Tonight’s game was highly physical, packed with intensity and ferocity.  Burley brought what they had but unfortunately came up short with a final score of 31 to 49.  Close… but nowhere near close enough.  Even though Varsity’s loss was taken these young ladies show bright futures ahead of them and we wish them the best in whatever they choose to do.

Ready to dive full on into Burley High School’s athletics? Well here’s some upcoming events!  Girls’ basketball District games are coming up Feb. 2-12 and those games are still TBA so we’ll have to keep you posted!  Burley Boys still have a few games until they finish up, all are away but there is one last home game! Take a guess? It’s the big one! Burley vs.  Minico @ Burley on Feb. 10th w/ games beginning at 4:30! Make sure you’re there!  Can’t wait quite that long?  Well neither can we so come and support our Burley Wrestling teams!  JV is having the Burley JV Invite to be held at Burley this Friday and Saturday beginning at 3:30.  While the Varsity boys head for the Red Halverson Invite @ Minico also this Friday and Saturday and also starting at 3:30.  These guys are worth it and need all the Burley fans we can dig up!  Support your Cats!

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Crazy Ring Around the Moon!!

Okay so I was sitting in this meeting Sunday Night and all of the sudden I get this phone call. So I sneakily reached into my pocket without my parents noticing… and much to my surprise my good friend Leslie Fowler was calling me. So once the meeting was over I called her back, and she was all like ‘KOLBY!! LOOK AT THE MOON!!!’  and so i did! And it was nuts! There was a giant ring around the Moon! I don’t think I have ever seen this before. So I wanted to figure out what in the heck is going on up there to make this happen. So i went to my number one source of knowledge, my Dad and he says that the Indians said it meant that it was going to rain. But this wasn’t enough for me! I wanted to know more about it then just that. So I did a little research!

Ring around the moon!

Ring around the moon!

So the ring that you see appears when light passes through 6-sided ice crystals that are way up high in the atmosphere.  The ice crystals come from high cirrus clouds around 20,000 feet.  The crystals in these clouds act just a sequence shirt does in light, reflecting the light in different directions and bending the light just like a camera lens does.

Moon Ring Weather Folklore :
Old folklore says that a ring around the moon signifies bad weather is coming, which in many cases can and will be true. Now the reason why we can be so sure is because the ice crystals that cover the halo signify high altitude, thin cirrus clouds that normally precede a warm front by one or two days. Typically, a warm front will be associated with a low pressure system which is commonly referred to as a storm. So be ready for some stanky weather this week! But hey at least now you can rely on signs from the moon for bad weather instead of your broken shoulder that hurts everytime the weather changes. I know from personal experience.

Australia Moon Corona (Non alcoholic)

Moon Bow yay!


Now these ice crytals not only just form rings, but some times if conditions are right you just might be able to see different formations in the sky. Like a pillar of light extending from both the north and south ends of the moon, or you can see a moon rainbow which i have never ever heard of but i would definitley want to witness one of them for myself. And the last one which you probably won’t ever see unless you visit Australia is called Australia Moon Corona…hence the name.

Now don’t think that all of this makes sense to me…cause most of it doesn’t! But I owe all of my information to So if you want to learn more then check this site out!

-Kolby Beck

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Kenneth Freestone Obituary


Kenneth Freestone, age 74, of Heyburn, died Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2010, at his home.

There will be no formal service at this time.

Arrangements have been entrusted to the care of Rasmussen Funeral Home of Burley.

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Things to do in Burley when you’re bored :)

We live on an awesome town, but more often than not I find myself  at my house, bored to death, wondering what I should do!  And I realized that I’m not alone in the world of boredom. So i decided to check out what there is to do in Burley that is fun! So check out some of  these ideas!

1. Go to a High School basketball game. Burley High School has some very good athletes this year, which makes for exciting games both from the girls and boys basketball teams.

2. Go bowling! But not just normally dressed… Find some sweet costumes, wigs, or grandparents clothing and get crazy at the bowling alley! (but don’t get kicked out)

3. Go skiing and or snowboarding up at Pomerelle. Day passes cost $35 and night passes cost $15. And if you really want to mix things up try skiing if you snowboard, and if you ski try snowboarding! You can get great rental deals at Idaho Water Sports.  And for even more fun, wear a crazy snow outfit!  Maybe something from the D.I. or from your basement.

4. Check out the local shops on Overland.  There are some really cool shops around that a lot of people don’t know about.  So go check them out!

5. Find out about local concerts and plays.  Like the up coming plays “Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat” and ”Issun Boshi”.

6. Walk around Walmart. Personal Favorite :)

7. Take up photography. You can find some amazing shots down by the river or up on the mountain. And then once your done, make a collage of the pictures on a wall somewhere.

8. Make a movie! My friends and I love doing this! It’s a fun way to get to know people and there are some hilarious memories that come from making movies!

9. Go to the movie theater! We have both the Century Cinema and the Burley theater. They both show great movies (perfect for a date or family night).

10. Hang with friends and play Techno Twister! All you need is some techno music and a twister pad. And make sure every move you make is a dance move! And if you want to make things difficult, find an old mattress and put the mat on top of it! It makes it harder to stay on the dot, especially when your dancing at the same time!

Well that’s about all I have right now! But come on back to next Thursday for some new date ideas!

-Kolby Beck

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Don’t Have A Cow…The “Every 15 Minutes Program” is Back

Don’t Have A Cow…The “Every 15 Minutes Program” is Back

Three years ago at Burley High School the “Every 15 Minutes Program” was done at the High School to raise awareness of teens drinking underage. For those who don’t know, the program gathers the community together where they fake an accident. They make it as real as possible with actual victims lying on the ground outside an already smashed car. The students watch from the sidelines and witness police, ambulance crews, Jaws of Life and the life-flight attendants perform their work as if it were real. It makes the students realize what could really happen. This year Student Council will be sponsoring this same program on April 27th-28th at the High School around 1 pm and will continue with an assembly the next day. Now, last time this was done we had countless phone calls from worried parents who thought that it WAS real. We are happy to announce it is NOT really happening…so please…Don’t Have A Cow. It’s actually good for your kids. So no phone calls that day. Thanks!

-Emily Silva

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Joseph is a “Must See” And You Only Having A Few Shows Left

Joseph is a “Must See” And You Only Having A Few Shows Left

For those of you who don’t know much about me… I really enjoy theater. In high school I went through the Burley High School Drama program with Mr. Call and found myself involved in everything from musicals to state competitions. As I look back those are some of the funnest memories of my time in Burley.

One thing I have always been amazed at is how the “arts” thrive in this area. The high school puts on amazing plays (the have one coming up that will literally blow your socks off, so stay tuned for more info). We have OVAC, the newly renovated Wilson Theater, and the King Fine Arts center that all pull local talent willing to share with the community.

Every once in a while a play comes along where everything comes together. The costumes, cast, and choreography team up to create a play that is remembered and talked about in our community for years to come.Well, I am going to go out on a limb and say that Julene Thurston and Cheri Hamilton have done just that with Joseph and the Amazing Techni-Colored Dreamcoat. The cast is packed full of amazing dancers and singers (No, I am neither, but the others are). A few of the costumes are the ORIGINALS THAT WERE WORE BY DONNY OSMOND HIMSELF (that is sure to bring a few out) and the set  is breath taking. I am gong to include a few pictures to give you an idea.

Our opening show was Friday Night and the house was nearly packed. My guess is that there wasn’t a single person that went home feeling that the ticket price could have been better spent else where.

So, I am including the information for the remaining performances and I hope to see you there!

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

January 22, 23, 25, 28, 29 & 30 (matinee only)
at the King Fine Arts Center
Show Time: 7:30 and 2:00 for Matinee

For Tickets call
678-6868 or you can purchase them at:

  • The Book Plaza
  • The Book Store (in Rupert)
  • Welch Music in Burley and Twin Falls

and you can purchase at the door.

Reserved – $10.00
General – $8.00
Economy – $5.00

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GoBurley’s Move to Journalism 2.0

GoBurley’s Move to Journalism 2.0

Journalism has been evolving dramatically since the creation of the internet. A “journalist” used to have to be hired by a big news company, and ultimately had to write stories a certain way. Stories were covered with little, or no personal opinion, and you were given supposed facts from both sides. Now, overtime, this system has been gamed and many felt that they were getting unbiased news, but ultimately stories still took on an “angle”.

Well, since the dawn of the blogsphere, things have changed. Now, a large amount of the news that people read on a daily basis are from news blogs that are written by non traditional folks. The reporting is fresh, honest, opinionated, and exciting. The best part is that the journalist are usually just really “into” what they are talking about, and that passion is spread like wildfire to the readers.

So, why am I writing this? Originally, GoBurley was going to try a more traditional approach to reporting news and stories, the only problem is that I am about as nontraditional as it gets in my opinion of how news, politics, and opinions should be presented. I also feel that our community really needs some diverse publications to balance out the local news coverage of places like The Weekly Mailer/Journal, Times News, and KBAR. I have learned by experience that diversity is the true blessing of democracy.

With all that in mind, GoBurley has taken a change in direction.

First: We have teamed up with the Burley High School Student Council To Diversify Reporting. You are going to start and see more and more students from the community covering sporting events, local happenings, and even writing columns like Kolby’s Corner.  This is going to serve as a great business learning experience for the youth, and also prove the level of quality that our local students truly have. With Budget cuts to schools on the horizon, this will also help to give some money back to the school system on a donation basis from GoBurley’s Ad Revenue. This site will never make anyone rich, but if it can help a few kids go on a field-trip, or even have a pizza party for work well done, then it is worth the effort.

Second: The reporting is going to real. Packed full of personality, facts, and opinion. Burley Sporting events are going to be written like we want the other team to lose and ours to win, bad politics are going to be called out, good acts in the community are going to be commended. Journalism 2.0 has swept our nation by storm and proved that people area ready for a different style of reporting. The wonderful thing about the internet is that literally everyone can have their voice heard. If you don’t like Journalism 2.0 practices, you don’t have to visit the website. I am not in the business of bombarding every mailbox with a paper on a weekly basis (though I have thought heavily about it) and anyone always have the option to start their own blog and report how they would like. That is the wonderful thing about this nation, freedom of speech is for everyone and not just mainstream media.

Third: GoBurley would love for a large amount of the websites content to come from the community. I am asking for people to talk about real issues, real awards, real recognitions, real opinions, and use real names. I think there is a place for disagreement, and I will personally agree/disagree with a lot of things. But, I will make sure that you know it is my opinion. The best part is that every article published on this site has a comment section that can be used to express understanding and opinion, and balance out issues. We saw a great example of that when the Weekly Mailer Boycott was covered on this site. There were people that agreed, disagreed and everything in between. But, the comments were civil and “ideal” based.  So, if you have a story that you want to see on, send it in to

Overall, I am looking forward to an exciting year with GoBurley and other news projects. I want to thank you for your support through this last 4 months that brought in a total of 17, 411 pageviews. I look for that number to go up, and for GoBurley to become the place to visit for anything happening in our great community.

Mike Ramsey

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Margaret Meneice Obituary


Margaret Lucille Meneice, 94, passed away on Friday, Jan. 15, 2010, at Highland Estates in Burley.

Margaret was born in Nampa, Idaho, to John Albert Carlberg and Emma Fay McCumber Carlberg on Oct. 24, 1915. She grew up in Little Valley and graduated from Bruneau High School.  She worked several jobs during her teen years to help her family after her father’s death in 1925. She learned to cook at the Oregon Trail Restaurant and then went to work at the Red Horse gold mine as a cook for the mining crew.   Margaret had the gold bug and truly loved the time she spent in the mountains, always hoping for the big lode. In 1936, she married Ralph Whitson and moved to Redding, California. When World War II broke out, they moved to California, where she worked for North American Aircraft Company building the B-24 bomber as a “Rosie the Riveter.” After the war, she stayed at home and helped with her younger brother, Jerry, for some time. The mining bug hit them again and they returned to Mountain Home and the Red Horse mine. After hard times, she and Ralph separated and later divorced. She went to work in Bliss and met Robert Meneice. She moved back to Mountain Home where her relationship with Bob continued and they were married in 1952. She continued to work in the restaurant business for several more years. In 1953, their only child, Jeanne, was born.
Margaret’s resume continued to grow as she worked at Mountain Home Air Force Base in the repairable processing section and then in the base commissary office.  She retired from the Air Force in 1974, and worked for several years at Pierce Rose Floral and the Dress Shop.

Margaret always loved growing plants and started a greenhouse selling bedding plants and flowers each spring. She and Bob raised a large garden and grew grapes, raspberries and strawberries.  She enjoyed music, reading, needlework and even tried her hand at oil painting. Her pets were very special to her.  She loved horses and she taught the dogs to do tricks. Her family and friends were always very important to her. She was a very special aunt and second mother to several of her nieces and nephews.
Robert died in 1989, and Margaret moved to Burley, to be near Jeanne and her family. She lived by herself until she was 93. In May, she moved into Highland Estates Assisted Living Center.
Margaret is survived by her daughter, Jeanne (Alan) Hunter of Burley; her grandchildren, Jeremy (Emilee) Hunter of Twin Falls, and Jason (JaNell) Hunter of Burley; two great-grandsons, Kole and Garrett; and several nieces and nephews who she loved very much.

She was preceded in death by her husband, Robert; her parents; a sister, Arlyss Bastida; a half-brother, Jerry McCullough; and a nephew, David McCullough.
The family would like to thank Lisa Oakes, the staff at Highland Estates, Idaho Home Health and Hospice and Intermountain Hospice who so lovingly cared for Margaret in the last few months of her life.

The funeral will be held at 11 a.m. Saturday, Jan. 23, at the Mountain Home LDS Stake Center, 1150 North 8th East, in Mountain Home, where friends and family may call one hour prior to the service.  Burial will be in the Mountain View Cemetery under the direction of the Rasmussen Funeral Home of Burley.

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Jose Gutierrez


Jose Daniel Magana Gutierrz, infant son of Jesus and Maria Magana Gutierrez, was stillborn on Friday, Jan. 15, 2010, at Cassia Regional Medical Center.

A graveside service will be held at 2 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 19, at Gem Memorial Gardens, 2435 Overland Ave., in Burley, under the direction of the Rasmussen Funeral Home of Burley.

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so when i say dance shoes...these should come to mind

so when i say dance shoes...these should come to mind

There are 3 types of guys at a school dance. Those that come wearing their dancing shoes ready to party, those that are to “cool” to dance and just stand there with their hands in their pockets, and then those that like to get “dirty” with the ladies.

For those of you that come with your dance shoes.. kudos to you! You know whats up! Not only are you having fun, but you are helping those around you have fun!

Ok…so about you fellows you don’t “know how” to dance. Whats there to know? Just move around or something, and by the way jumping up and down for 6 songs straight isn’t considered dancing. But yeah just go with the flow, and if you can’t find the flow ask someone who has their dancing shoes on and tag along with them.

Now dirty dancing has become a national sensation… and a national problem. Schools around the country are banning it for many reasons. One, it is totally disrespectful towards the female gender. It makes you treat girls like an object instead of a person. Two, it can lead to “other” things, and I’m not talking about a nice game of Uno either. And Three, there are those of us who don’t want to have that image burned onto the back of our retinas for days to come!

So, remember when you come to dances bring your dancing shoes and be ready to party! and if you start to “dirty” dance just be prepared to get kicked out (just a fair warning).
Your fellow bro…

Kolby Beck

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